New MSX shirts and Girlies

New MSX shirts and Girlies

par wolf_ on 19-01-2012, 01:05
Sujet: MRC
Étiquettes: Merchandise

Over the years we've sold hundreds of MSX T-shirts on MSX fairs while also giving some shirts away as challenge prizes. You've seen them in our photoshoots, with such a radiant bright color, it's a shirt which is hard to miss. We hope your current MSX shirt still doesn't have wear and is still in good shape, it would reflect the quality of this product. But, if you've been frantically wearing your shirt - or perhaps you gained or lost some weight - you might be in dire need of a brand new shirt. The foundation behind this website (recently renamed to Microcomputer & Related Culture Foundation) thought it was high time for a new batch o' shirts. Same manufacturer, same logo, same blue.

For the first time we also included a batch for the few but nonetheless appreciated female MSX fans. Naturally, all these new shirts go on for sale at the MRC booth, this weekend at the fair in Nijmegen. The regular shirts are available in small, medium, large and extra large. The Ladyfit (click the photo on top of this newspost) is available in small, medium and large. Each shirt is yours for only € 10,-!

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Par mais1976

Master (162)

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19-01-2012, 10:50

No baby shirts? I want one for my kid Smile

Par snout

Ambassador (14878)

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19-01-2012, 11:30

We were hoping to be able to do shirts for kids as well, but couldn't get them printed in time. Children's clothing needs a smaller MSX Logo than the one printed on MSX T-Shirts and Girlies, so we could not produce them in the same batch.

Still, hands up who would like MSX baby shirts! (or... )

Par ro

Prophet (3711)

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19-01-2012, 13:11

what's that Foundation ye talk about?

Par snout

Ambassador (14878)

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19-01-2012, 13:25

Par wolf_

Ambassador_ (9471)

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19-01-2012, 13:28

Like f-kernel, but then for our web stuff 'n activities.. Smile Members are: Sander (chairman), snout (treasurer of Usas), me (secretary) and Latok (board member).

Par Manuel

Ascended (10544)

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20-01-2012, 17:17

So, why did it get renamed? And who came up with this new meaning?

Additionally: yes, I'd like a T-shirt for my kid as well Smile

Par snout

Ambassador (14878)

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20-01-2012, 17:37

The name was changed, because having two MSX Resource Centers (the site on one hand, the foundation on the other) can be quite confusing. 

Additionally, as we like hanging out with each other and have a general interest in retrocomputing, the foundation might get involved in more than just somewhere in the future. 

The new name was conceived during a nice brainstorming session with the board members. 

As for the MSX Shirts for kids: duely noted! But all in good time, lets first get some sexy chicks in those girlies, shall we? ^_^

Par RobertVroemisse

Paragon (1211)

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20-01-2012, 19:46

+1 kids shirt!

Par Latok

msx guru (3310)

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20-01-2012, 19:50

Problem with kids shirts is that kids tend to grow quite rapidly, so it's hard to calculate how many of which size tshirts we have to stock.

Par maverick2

Expert (124)

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20-01-2012, 21:17

I want a  size xxl msx shirt  , Can we send me it  for postal express?
I am from Spain .

Par Konamito

Paladin (984)

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21-01-2012, 00:12

I want four of them Wink

One for me, one for my wife and two for my daughters.

We're MSX Family!

Par snout

Ambassador (14878)

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21-01-2012, 13:32

Although it's not possible to order the shirts online (yet), I have no problem with taking and handling a few order online. Due to personal circumstances I'm not in Nijmegen today, so let me give you all a sign when I got the big box of shirts back so that I can actually ship them once they are ordered Wink

Might take a little while. Hold on tight! ^_^ 

@maverick - I'm afraid we didn't print the shirts in XXL just yet. Both larger and children's sizes will have to wait 'till the next batch.

Par maverick2

Expert (124)

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22-01-2012, 14:34

Ok , no problema snuot.
I will wait the next batch


Par Akiguchi

Hero (565)

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13-12-2012, 22:55

Is there MSX shirts available from somewhere? I don't have a one, so I'd be really interested buying. Smile

Par Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1535)

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13-12-2012, 22:58

Akiguchi wrote:

Is there MSX shirts available from somewhere? I don't have a one, so I'd be really interested buying. Smile

Yes, they are still available! Probably your best bet is to contact snout for details, just use the contact tab on his profile page.

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