Pimp my PSG #7 - [WYZ] - Star Force

بواسطة [WYZ] بتاريخ 29-04-2016, 00:20

[WYZ]' Pimp my PSG challenge entry shows us how [WYZ] would have liked to hear the Star Force OST, but played on 2 PSGs in stead of one. To play the tune you need a ROM loader and a MegaFlashROMSCC+SD inserted.

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Pimp my PSG #7 - [WYZ] - Star Force.zip‏2.24 م.بايت194منذ يوم واحد أقل من ساعة

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05-06-2016, 22:07

WYZ, you are a PSG guru! How can I contact you directly to ask for special development help?