Konami Antiques question

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13-11-2010, 03:31

(I could swear I already posted...)

I have a Konami Antiques MSX Collection for the Saturn. Putting the disk in a PC shows filenames that seem to be filenames of games, like "parodius.bin". Does this use a normal emulator and ROMs and if so, can I extract the ROMs from the files somehow, thereby getting a legal set of ROMs?

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بواسطة flyguille

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13-11-2010, 04:09



if it is a bloadable binary it will load.

normaly a game in disk has a .bin and a loader like a .bas

if it has a .bas


run "filename.bas"

and the loader will do the rest.

بواسطة Gradius2

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17-11-2010, 18:52

bload = b as Binary and load as load, in other words binary load.

cload = Cassette load or load "cas:" (same thing)

بواسطة cax

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18-11-2010, 09:25

Gradius2: sorry for nitpicking, but AFAIK while both cload and load"cas:" are used for loading from cassette, they are not "same thing" and use different format of saved data.

بواسطة LeoM

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18-11-2010, 15:24

@ arromdee: And? did it work? I mean, can you play the game in an emulator, using bload"<filename.bin>",r

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18-11-2010, 20:52

The files on these collections are more or less .ROM files and not useable .BIN files like on the MSX.
Besides that, all kind of BIOS calls are replaced, so... even if you could load them directly, they won't work.

بواسطة Samor

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19-11-2010, 01:09

some of them should work, actually.

بواسطة arromdee

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19-11-2010, 08:04

Well, the bload gives me "Bad file mode".

All the files are weird sizes (twinbee.bin is 23792 bytes, salamand.bin is 102855 bytes) so I don't think that these are plain ROM images or binary files.What I was hoping for was that they have ROM files embedded in them in some way that I can extract.

Samor: Which ones should work?

بواسطة Samor

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19-11-2010, 09:58

Forgot exactly which ones, I think about 2/3rd of them, when extracted and loaded as ROM files. I don't know how to extract them myself though, but another member on here (hap) knows.

بواسطة Guillian

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19-11-2010, 20:12

I have checked PSX Konami Antiques Collection 1, and the ROMs are compressed/encoded in some way. But after decoding them, they are quite similar to the original ones, including BIOS calls.
The only differences I found (i.e.: Konami's Boxing) were that the copy protection was removed (writing a byte to RAM) and "PUSH SPACE KEY" text was replaced with "STAGE CLEAR". Also some bytes were added to the ROM header

بواسطة Samor

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19-11-2010, 20:17

I asked hap... he used a playstation emulator, made savestates and extracted the roms from there with a hex editor.
Should work with saturn emulation as well...