What happened to ObsoNET?

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بواسطة dhau

Paragon (1570)

صورة dhau

24-02-2011, 02:47

It was released in limited quantity in 2004 and later Konamiman updated bios to 1.1 around 2007.

Any chance of buying it now for reasonable price?

If not, can someone release schematics on how to hook up RTL8019AS?

I want to try my luck with this RTL8019AS thing

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بواسطة msd

Paragon (1462)

صورة msd

24-02-2011, 11:19

You know about denyonet?

بواسطة dhau

Paragon (1570)

صورة dhau

24-02-2011, 14:37

Denyonet is a more recent product that no one can buy or build themselves. I don't even know what chips it's based on.

I would prefer to buy or build an ObsoNET if possible.

بواسطة Morg

Master (142)

صورة Morg

24-02-2011, 20:45

I have an OBSONET, I would trade it for a CRT SECURITY-COLOR MONITOR.

بواسطة TheWhipMaster

Expert (120)

صورة TheWhipMaster

25-02-2011, 02:57

Dhau, I was in touch with Daniel who build the Obsonet and he wrote :
many years ago i lost all the schematics when i formatted my hard disk by mistake Sad
so i have not the schematics or gal binary.
Hello Fred,
I tryed many times to redo all the job, but had not patience.

Anyway, i have many useful information like a datasheet for the mapper, is not the original GAL16V8 mapper, but is an equivalent designed with discrete logic (74HC133, 74HC138 and many diodes).
Maybe you could substitute the gal part wiring the 74HC138 and many diodes in the datasheet way....

So I guess we need to find one , an reverse engineer it, like scan the pcb after removing all component and use the inverse VCC approach to dump the gal ...

next step is to find a color security monitor to get a sample to play with Tongue

بواسطة konamiman

Paragon (1156)

صورة konamiman

25-02-2011, 09:50


You moron, your Obsonet was a GIFT for you after you insisted you wanted one, and now you are trying to trade it for anything else??

You don't deserve Kyoko's food anymore. Sad

بواسطة Morg

Master (142)

صورة Morg

25-02-2011, 14:41

@konamiman Just do two things, re-read my entire message. After that I dare you to repeat this exactly same words tomorrow after your lovely wife has given you your birthday present.

بواسطة Manuel

Ascended (18243)

صورة Manuel

25-02-2011, 19:25

Interesting discussion, this.

بواسطة Dreamerm42

Hero (622)

صورة Dreamerm42

25-02-2011, 21:36

Para duplicar obsonet, tendriais que copiar a ojo todas las pistas de las dos caras, trabajo que no es poco, para despues poder colocar los componentes. Luego los acidos y toda la parafernalia que tiene despues.

Para ello existen programas como muchos sabreis, pero en mi humilde opinion el trabajo solo compensa como desafio propio, ya que estando Denyonet tan cerca...

Es cierto fue formateando con linux borro los archivos... SadSadSadSad

To duplicate ObsoNET, eye you would have to copy all tracks from both sides, work that is not enough, to then be able to place the components. After acid and all the paraphernalia that is later.

For this there are programs like many of you know, but in my humble opinion only compensates work as a challenge itself, since being so close ... Denyonet

It was formatted with a linux delete files ...

بواسطة PereGR

Champion (262)

صورة PereGR

02-03-2011, 10:13

i tried to duplicate Obsonet two years ago... Mapper is the problem not schemmatics (to copy PCB design you need a clean PCB, without components to view tracks)
Mapper code (GAL) cannot be dumped because GAL is protected... so, it's must be reprogrammed.

It must be possible to change GAL with AND, NAND doors... perfect for a DIY project (no GAL programmer needed). All other stuf (BIOS, etc) can be writed with obsonet utilities.

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