Fastcopy source code released

بواسطة snout بتاريخ 13-07-2006, 23:52
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Source: MSX Banzai!

In the 1990s Alex Wulms (Xelasoft) released Fastcopy, a popular disk duplication program which directly supported many MSX Floppy Disk Controllers making it - indeed - very fast and accurate. As of now, the source code of this tool can be obtained from Alex Wulms' website. Needless to say, this source code is a great source of inspiration for those who would like to support different MSX FDCs in their productions as well.

Relevant link: Alex Wulms' website

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بواسطة Gregory

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13-07-2021, 21:09

Link don't work.

بواسطة Oedov Oedidle

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14-07-2021, 08:13

You can find his source code on GitHub :)