GEM 0.9990

بواسطة wolf_ بتاريخ 08-08-2007, 21:29
المناقشة: Emulation

Source: MSX Mailinglist

The New Image has just released version 0.9990 of their Gameboy emulator. This emulator is aimed at the MSX turboR, although it works on MSX2 as well, and uses dynamic recompilation in order to run Gameboy games with acceptable speed. As the version number indicates, a Graphics9000 from Sunrise is now a requirement. Other changes are a more accurate CPU core.

Relevant link: GEM 0.9990

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بواسطة Manuel

Ascended (16856)

صورة Manuel

08-08-2007, 22:05

Great stuff, it's a very interesting and impressive project.

Note that at least on my openMSX test, Tetris didn't work anymore on MSX2, but it did work on turboR. No problems with GEM 0.8, though. Ah well, it's supposed to be used on turboR anyway.

بواسطة Latok

msx guru (3780)

صورة Latok

08-08-2007, 22:15

I love it as well! Playing several GB-games now SmileSmile

بواسطة Edwin

Paragon (1182)

صورة Edwin

08-08-2007, 22:41

Latok> You'll find that your gameplay performance improves when you play one game at a time. Tongue

بواسطة spl

Paragon (1466)

صورة spl

08-08-2007, 23:57

Humm... I see that GEMZ has been discontinued. I didn't have a Z380, but actually it was **the only** software which really supported it.

بواسطة Morg

Master (142)

صورة Morg

09-08-2007, 08:45

Turbo-r+Graphics 9000 to emulate a Gameboy? Very sad.

بواسطة Manuel

Ascended (16856)

صورة Manuel

09-08-2007, 09:21

Morg, I hope you're joking and if not: you obviously have no idea what you're talking about....

بواسطة wolf_

Ambassador_ (9816)

صورة wolf_

09-08-2007, 10:52

Iirc it took a 486 DX/33 to emulate an MSX2 at 100%. But ok, talking real emulation now, GEM has dynamic recompilation, which is a bit different. So we can't compare that with conventional emulationl

بواسطة msd

Paragon (1397)

صورة msd

09-08-2007, 14:47

Of course all msx software should run on msx1. Don't support the 'new' stuff. It's illiegal!!! Tongue

بواسطة Latok

msx guru (3780)

صورة Latok

09-08-2007, 16:23

Edwin: So you think I only have 1 MSX computer, huh ^_^

بواسطة PingPong

Prophet (3549)

صورة PingPong

08-08-2016, 13:51

Morg wrote:

Turbo-r+Graphics 9000 to emulate a Gameboy? Very sad.

Emulation is often costly. Must only to take in account that one is trying to to via sw what a hw is prebuilt to do.
Try to emulate a arm android device on a first class pc and you notice how much cpu consuming is.

بواسطة syn

Paragon (1970)

صورة syn

09-08-2020, 02:03

looks nice! Cool