Kier Kracht's complete MSX fair footage

بواسطة wolf_ بتاريخ 04-11-2007, 20:32
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MSX Posse has published a torrent file for the complete DVD with all of Kier Kracht's MSX fair footage. In September and October of 2007, 3 of such videos were published already: Zandvoort 1991, MSX Club Friesland Noord 1994 and Steenwijk 1994. Especially the old Zandvoort video brought back lots of fond memories of what used to be a great event, together with the famous MSX fair in Tilburg.

We at MSX Resource Center are constantly looking for new photos of MSX events all over the world, past and present, to add to our Photo Shoots corner. If you have pictures of a MSX fair or event not yet present in our collection, please send them to so that we can add them as well. We are particularly interested in pictures taken during the legendary MSX fairs of the 1990s. Thanks in advance!

Relevant link: MSX Posse

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بواسطة Unicorn

Master (138)

صورة Unicorn

05-11-2007, 22:36

Are Tilburg '99 photo's interesting enough?

بواسطة snout

Ascended (15187)

صورة snout

05-11-2007, 22:41

Unicorn: they are! Just found them tilburg'99 polaroids in my spammailbox... to be added soon!

بواسطة Unicorn

Master (138)

صورة Unicorn

05-11-2007, 22:51

Spammer? Me? .... Fair enough! LOL!
I also have some Zandvoort 1991 video footage lying around somewhere on a Video2000 tape, but that will take some time...

بواسطة Manuel

Ascended (19201)

صورة Manuel

06-11-2007, 09:14

bring it on! Smile

بواسطة meits

Scribe (6530)

صورة meits

06-11-2007, 17:10

This is nog all stuff Kier filmed...
I await more Wink