Z80 assembly poll down, end-of-year poll up

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Another month, another poll! Prior to presenting the new poll, let's have a look at the outcome of the poll from November/December. Do you wish to learn Z80 assembly? After 264 votes, here are the final results:

  1. Yes 54.55%
  2. No 24.62%
  3. Don't know (yet) 20.83%

A vast majority, more than half the people who have actually voted, likes to learn assembly! Z80 assembly alone is a tough job for a beginner, but not entirely impossible. There are some good Z80 tutorials to be found on the internet already. It gets harder when we take knowledge of the MSX videochips and overall MSX knowledge into account. These poll figures have made MRC decide to present you with an easy-level Z80 assembly tutorial in 2008 which will cover all the essential bits you need to know!

The new poll is a short one, it will run for two weeks until new year. After all the serious polls of the last months it's high time for something more lightweight in these dark days: which MSX-related activities will you be doing in the last two weeks of 2007? Light a candle, and cast your vote!

If you have an idea for a interesting poll, send your idea to poll@msx.org and we will consider running your suggestion for a month.

Relevant link: Poll results

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Resident (35)

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14-12-2007, 11:09

Great news, can't wait for the tutorial! ^__^