Capitan Sevilla

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Computer Emu Zone, who just got rewarded the runner-up position in MSXdev'08 have released a remake of Captain 'S'. The original game dates back to 1988 and was released by Dinamic, a company from Spain. While the MSX version had the typical mono-color looks, this remake is -as one can expect- highly colorful and detailed.

The game is available for Windows and Linux. A video and screenshots of the game are available at their website, highly recommended!

Relevant link: Computer Emu Zone - Captain 'S'

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01-03-2009, 18:06

This game was released by Dinamic 1988 .

بواسطة wolf_

Ambassador_ (9950)

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01-03-2009, 18:12

Ah, a little plot hole in generation-msx then, will fix some ^_^

بواسطة Manuel

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01-03-2009, 18:34

Fixed in Generation MSX... Apparently I had been confused by the name "Captain 'S'" and didn't relate it to Capitan Sevilla.

About the game: I'm trying it in Linux... But I had problems:
- compiling: I couldn't find Debian packages providing fblend.h and alfont.h, so I wasn't able to compile it (I did find some of the other required Allegro packages)
- running: it worked, but I had no sound... Sad

بواسطة Metalbrain

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01-03-2009, 22:11

Benway has just released some extra libraries needed to compile the game:

بواسطة Patsie

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01-03-2009, 23:34

Unfortunately the fblend library (both the included 0.4 version and the 'beta' 0.5 version from 2002) is written with a lot of 32-bit assembly and won't compile on 64-bit systems (no pushl and popl for 64-bit, only pushq and popq as I understand). Haven't tried to compile the other libraries needed for the game.

بواسطة Patsie

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03-03-2009, 08:09

After some hacking I got it to compile without the fblend library and made some Ubuntu .deb's (both 32 and 64 bit). Benway will put them up on his site soon.

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03-03-2009, 20:32

Ubuntu packages can be found on the 'development' page of Captain 'S'