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News from Konamiman! He updated his MSX page with the following information:

  • Added a new UNAPI specification, this time for TCP/IP stacks.
  • Added InterNestor Lite 2.0, which implements the TCP/IP UNAPI specification.
  • Simple networking applications (PING, TCP console, TFTP and FTP) have been ported to the TCP/IP UNAPI specification. Moreover, two new applications have been added: a SNTP client (which allows to set the MSX clock by querying a time server), and MSX trivial tweeter, which allows to send messages to Twitter from MSX machines.
  • Added software for the new DenYoNet card: a flash ROM loader, an Ethernet UNAPI compatible BIOS (complete), and a TCP/IP UNAPI compatible BIOS that take advantage of the embedded TCP/IP stack on the W5100 processor (work in progress, it can't resolve host names nor configure itself via DHCP yet).
  • InterNestor Lite 1 is now discontinued; new networking applications should target the TCP/IP UNAPI specification instead. However, it is still available for download, so that the already existing applications that target INL 1 can still be used.
  • As a bonus, two new C libraries that were created while developing MSX trivial tweeter have been added to the SDCC section: one for SHA1 and HMAC-SHA1 encoding, and another one for Base64 encoding/decoding.

Relevant link: Konamiman's MSX page

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بواسطة karloch

Prophet (2147)

صورة karloch

03-09-2010, 13:58

Great! So, can INL 1.0 target apps work under INL 2.0 unmodified? (ANSI telnet, IRC client, HTTP downloader, etc...) When will be possible to order a Denyonet?

بواسطة konamiman

Paragon (1157)

صورة konamiman

03-09-2010, 15:43

No. With INL 1 you can only run applications that target the INL 1 API, and with INL 2 and DenYoNet (with the TCP/IP BIOS) you can only run applications that target the TCP/IP UNAPI. Both versions are mutually incompatible. That's why I keep INL 1 available on my page, so that you can still use the old applications.

بواسطة karloch

Prophet (2147)

صورة karloch

03-09-2010, 15:56

@konamiman: Crystal clear, thanks!
@anyone: Can someone throw some light about the Denyonet?

بواسطة Sd-Snatcher

Hero (582)

صورة Sd-Snatcher

03-09-2010, 23:15

Uppps we need to reprogram a little Tongue

New age begins...

بواسطة sunrise

Paragon (1091)

صورة sunrise

04-09-2010, 12:55

@Karloch, see the sunrise post, scheduled for Jnauary 2011

بواسطة karloch

Prophet (2147)

صورة karloch

04-09-2010, 18:15

Somehow I missed that info. Thank you for pointing it.