Colecovision CV2

بواسطة Retrofan بتاريخ 01-10-2010, 21:00
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With projects like the One Chip MSX, Franky and the recenlty released Playsoniq extension the latest trend appears to be that retro computer scenes borrow more and more from each other. The Colecovision CV2 project makes no difference in this. What makes this project particularly interesting to MSX friends around the world is that this hobby project, expected to be released somewhere in 2011/2012 will contain both a Yamaha V9958 and a Yamaha V9990 on board! The device is to become backwards compatible to the original ColecoVision, keeping it as closely related to the MSX as it already was.

Although the final product is not here, the end result might very well be a new platform that is interesting to both Coleco and MSX fans - allowing developers to easily port software from one platform to another. Perhaps it may even lead to some much desired, brand new V9990 content for the MSX?

Relevant link: Colevovision CV2 project

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بواسطة sd_snatcher

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02-10-2010, 00:20

Well, at least they did the V9958+V9990+V7040 implemented in the right way: superimposed and with direct access from the CPU to VRAM...

How much had I wait for such solution on the MSX scene... With an integrated OPL4 it would be the dream MSX expansion.

بواسطة Retrofan

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صورة Retrofan

02-10-2010, 08:26

@sd_snatcher: I already contacted the inventor and asked if he could support the Yamaha YMF278B (OPL4) as well. When I know more, I will post it here...

By the way, what about your Universal OPL driver for OPL4? Did you make any progress? I want to play more old games with stereo sound! Cool

بواسطة Retrofan

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02-10-2010, 11:35

@sd_snatcher: As you live in Brazil, are there already games for VSU / OPL4 Shockwave / Powergraph / MoonSound / GFX 9000 or knowing someone is busy with a game? Maybe Ricardo can finish that great Prince Of Persia game in PowerBasic which he showed last year Smile

بواسطة RetroTechie

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03-10-2010, 12:43

It would be about time to have something where you could select what system to 'emulate' on a per-use basis. Choose software to run, programmable logic based hardware gets reconfigured to run that software, and runs it. Reset, repeat.

Also I don't understand why projects like this are (often) done as cartridges - you make complex circuit board, memory chips, audio chips, video chips, A/V connectors, and then... you need 80's machine to run it. When you've come that far, please take the extra step & make it standalone (like this project is supposed to be). Add PS/2 or USB keyboard of choice, modern LCD monitor, no ancient hardware needed...

بواسطة Bodhi1969

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01-10-2020, 18:26

Just looked at that project and it seems there is no further development since october 2018, which is very sad.