Games that save game on separate MSX-DOS files to play on Megaflash SD.

بواسطة Paulbrk

Hero (611)

صورة Paulbrk

23-06-2013, 16:21

If you play a game executing from SD, the .bas or .com file, most games work very well and can save the file.

Then, I think, It is there a possibility of games like Xak, Ys, SD Snatcher, Dragon Slayer, to extract the game files to load compatible with MSX-DOS?

I think most people with Megaflash SD will agree that.

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بواسطة edoz

Prophet (2437)

صورة edoz

23-06-2013, 18:38

I don't think this is possible because the amount of memory ?

بواسطة Paulbrk

Hero (611)

صورة Paulbrk

23-06-2013, 19:57

The SD has 4 gigas.

بواسطة Creepy

Champion (335)

صورة Creepy

23-06-2013, 21:21

Games like Xak are "on sector", so the disks contain no files so you cannot extract them to play the game. You can however use Runit to play theses games and actually save.

بواسطة Randam

Paragon (1430)

صورة Randam

23-06-2013, 23:00

And if you don't want to use a user disk, you can also save to SRAM on an (FM)PAC. And you can save from SRAM to disk (or SD), so that also should work. Then you also have small save files. Besides Runit also other programs like hdemu should be able to let you save to diskimage.

بواسطة Paulbrk

Hero (611)

صورة Paulbrk

24-06-2013, 09:52

Thanks, where can I find Runit?

بواسطة mars2000you

Enlighted (6182)

صورة mars2000you

24-06-2013, 10:03

بواسطة Paulbrk

Hero (611)

صورة Paulbrk

24-06-2013, 18:47

Thanks very much.