MSX Info pages, 15 years online! Mirrored now also

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29-08-2013, 20:56

The MSX Info pages were setup by me in August 1998. I wanted to share my programs and information I had gathered working with MSX computers since 1985. Many locations were used, the latest is (thanks Tycho!)

My first MSX was a Toshiba HX10. It never was modified but a lot of external diy hardware was added.
The second was the Spectravideo SVI.738, which became a MSX-2. A workhorse as PC and good for programming, mainly CP/M.
The third was a NMS8280, which became a MSX2+ in the end. Video editing was its main purpose.
I collected many technical documents and books, scanned those and published those on the MSX Info pages. Many other MSX users attributed also very interesting documents and files. It is and was not always fun, but most of the time it was!

After 1998 I started collecting in a big way MSX hardware, and documentation and around 2010 I owned all the major European MSX 1 and 2 machines and quite a few Japanese. From MSX-1 to Turbo R ST and GT. And los of other MSX things!

I have sold now all my collected MSX hardware, software and books. No physical MSX objects in house anymore, but the MSX Info Pages are still around and will be in the future. I invested again in my web sites, so the pages are now available on my own webspace again at:

New files are now added also, see the News section for that.

[url= ]Enjoy 15 years of MSX Info![/url]

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بواسطة Latok

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29-08-2013, 21:00

Nice one, Hans. Cheers Smile

بواسطة mtn

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29-08-2013, 21:05

I really appreciate this. Awesome

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30-08-2013, 11:09

Change log as of today:

MSX Info pages moved!
Contact form works again.
Archives magazines are back online.
Fixed CX5M link to grit's site.

New Info added:
MSX Datapack
MSX 2 ROM no autoboot ROGO ROM, by Nyyrikki
MSX DOS 21. 2.2 2.3 ROMS and english + japanese disks
Replace a MSX turboR Diskdrive with a PC Drive, by Erik Luppes
Replace a Panasonic FS-A1F Diskdrive with a PC Drive, by Erik Luppes

More to follow!

بواسطة JINsMac

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31-08-2013, 04:49

Wow~~ Very Very Happy News. Big smile

Your site was Very Very helpful to me ^0^
Thank you very much HansO.
I really appreciate that.

بواسطة Pac

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31-08-2013, 14:22

Thank so much Hans for sharing this documentation. Your site is a reference for us. Hope you stay here another 15 years Wink .

بواسطة Bas040

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01-09-2013, 18:14

Hans, Thanks!


Enlighted (6094)


04-09-2013, 16:02

Hi, Hans! Good to see you active again!
I was already getting a bit worried since there was no updates in a long time!
If I can make a wish, I would like to see PCB-pictures of SVI-738 added to your scanned document.

بواسطة HansO

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04-09-2013, 18:35

I will see what I can do, digging in my archives of original scans.