Minder - working?

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بواسطة Poltergeist

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20-03-2014, 19:03

So, it's the diskdive taking up to much space. The "universal" poke is the same as -1,170 on the philps machines...

بواسطة AxelF

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20-03-2014, 20:27

I just tested the game, and I see that the HTIMI hook is unset when the game is loaded,
this may cause the trouble.

Please add the following line in the autoexec to disable the Hook.

Did a quick test, and the game has not crashed.

You can find the manual of the game HERE! Enjoy :)

بواسطة boblet

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20-03-2014, 20:53

As I don't have a philips machine... I didn't know that...

بواسطة Manuel

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20-03-2014, 22:18

170 is for any machine which has RAM in slot 3-2.

By the way, the JVC HC-7GB has RAM in slot 2, the Toshiba HX-10 too. The VG 8020/00 has it in slot 3. All Philips MSX2 machines have RAM in slot 3-2, including the 8020/20 (and I guess also the /40).

A cassette game often starts working if you use CTRL on MSX machines with disk drives (to free up RAM), or even by running it from.... cassette (and then using SHIFT). In combination with the universal poke, most will work. Those who don't probably assume RAM in an entirely different slot than the machine you're trying on. (Which I mentioned earlier.)

Just try on emulators with the different machine configurations to find out if it's the game or your copy that's having problems.

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