which Joystick do you use?

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18-06-2014, 20:58

syn wrote:

@AxelStone: I dont know where I can find those for a reasonal price. I found a new one a few days ago at some japanese webshop I think, it was 150 dollars..

I think the cheapest/best solution would be to get a second hand one that is in decent shape. If I am correct you can use those from DX.com as spare parts (mainly the rubber thingies on the inside), although I am not 100% sure about that.. maybe I'll get a few of those to test Big smile

Anyway if you find some new official sega ones for a decent price, let me know, I want one for player 2 and a few reserve ones. (the one I have is about 15 years old if not more, but in very good shape, I bought it when Mortal Kombat came out for the Megadrive)

Uff, 150$ is too much for a pad :-( . I suppose that the DX clone is the best solution at this point. If I locate some official in good shape I'll advert :-).

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19-06-2014, 04:15

Besides a pair of DX 6-button pads, I also have, in order of preference:

1) A pair of the awesome original Sega wireless controllers, like this one:

2) A Panasonic FS-JS220 that I use as the reference standard MSX controller when testing joylib.

3) A pair of Dynacom 2-button joysticks, like these. They're just like the Sharp HB-100, but black, and need to be modded to have 2 independent buttons, while the Sharp model has this by default.

4) A Gradiente joystick (black model), like this one:

5) A car controller like this one, but in much better shape:

I also have a pair of Master System joypads, but I never connect them to the MSX. The Megadrive pads (either Sega or DX) are way much better. So much better that I even use them to play on the SMS.

Last, but not least I also got my hands on one of these beauties:

It's the Sega Saturn analog joypad, and I obviously plan to add support for it on joylib. :)

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24-06-2014, 20:51

Well... I can't take pictures of my joysticks right now, so i'm posting pictures that I found on google:

1) When I got my GT, brazilian postal services managed to crack the case a little bit, so the seller sent me one of these:

2) I've always dreamed about this one when I had a Mega Drive back in the day... one day the dream came true:

With the Joymega adapter, of course!

3) I also have one of these:

4) Back in the day, I used all of these: (but I no longer have none of them)

Atari Clone Joysticks

No Sega gamepad nor MSX joystick port has been harmed! (maybe because it was an Toshiba T7937 powered machine).

And this, of course ;)

بواسطة hamlet

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14-03-2021, 12:32

After receiving the MSXVR Joystick I feel I have to revoke this old thread.
I'm a keyboard gamer especially when it comes to MSX gaming.

For some reasons I use my TAC-2, I feel it is the most acurate Joystick I own because it don't uses switches. Of course you have to re-wire it to get a second MSX button. Also the ASCII Joypad for Sonys PS1 works fine for me, I use it with an adapter.

The MSXVR Joystick is a very nice, heavy beast. It weights 0.8 kg, you don't have to hold it in place. You hear the clickies when moving the stick and the two buttons are easy to touch ones. Just like back in the days in the arcade.
To add a pricetag, the TAC-2 cast about 40 Euros in used condition, the ASCII Stick was less then 15 Euro and the price for a new MSXVR stick is 70 Euro (meanwhile it is outa stock but you can buy some Telematch replicas from other stores) -so cheapest way to be is using the keyboard. Which is probably not the worst way to game.

There are exeptions of course, for me the SVI 738 cursors are hell. The Hitachi H-1, first batch, didn't use a MSX Cursor design and also the Yamaha SX100 seems hard to use.

بواسطة gdx

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14-03-2021, 12:57

FM-Towns joypad

Panasonic Power Pad

Sega Genesis/Mega Drive controller

SNES controller (mainly)

All satisfy me.

بواسطة meits

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14-03-2021, 13:51

Anyone has some tips where to search for a suitable enclosure? I got a stick and few spare buttons after making a bar top. I'm sure I could fix an MSX compatible joystick out of it.

بواسطة Accumulator

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03-11-2022, 23:01

Sony JS -303T joypad.
Works excellent

بواسطة meits

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03-11-2022, 23:33

meits wrote:

Anyone has some tips where to search for a suitable enclosure? I got a stick and few spare buttons after making a bar top. I'm sure I could fix an MSX compatible joystick out of it.

This is what it became to be.

بواسطة Swami

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06-11-2022, 07:54

Retrogameboyz or Genesis

بواسطة Swami

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06-11-2022, 07:56

Curious if anyone has this adapter?

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