which Joystick do you use?

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بواسطة klimchuk

Supporter (13)

صورة klimchuk

06-11-2022, 15:18

Occasionally I'm using Retrogameboyz controller but almost always keyboard helps me to achieve much better results.
For example Zanac-Ex requires both A/B buttons to be pressed at the same time instead of SPACE on keyboard and that is super awkward. Also not a big fan of left hand cursor keys.

بواسطة ducasp

Paladin (677)

صورة ducasp

07-11-2022, 12:11

I use an 8bitdo M30 with joymega adapter, works really well. M30 seems to me to have the dpad a little bit more precise than the original sega six buttons joypad that it clones (which is already quite nice and I was used to it from my time with a Mega CDX). Being wireless with no need to be in front of the receiver and having no perceptible input lag (2.4GHz version, seems that the Bluetooth one has a perceptible lag) and battery lasting for long sessions, it is perfect for me.

While I loved using a keyboard as a kid, for most games a good joypad is better in my opinion, sure there are exceptions, but in general M30 is my choice most of the time.

بواسطة selios2000

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صورة selios2000

07-11-2022, 20:00

Original Telemach

بواسطة Swami

Expert (90)

صورة Swami

09-11-2022, 16:40

I'd like to get one of those Panasonic pads, just for the OG nature of it, but not sure it's worth $60 they go for on eBay. So, it's one of those things I keep thinking I'll get later.

بواسطة djh1697

Paragon (1696)

صورة djh1697

09-11-2022, 18:48

Swami wrote:

Curious if anyone has this adapter?

I haven't, but if you look at Kevin's feedback, all his products work well. I am 100% positive he would offer a refund in the event of any issues.

بواسطة djh1697

Paragon (1696)

صورة djh1697

09-11-2022, 18:58

I use the keyboard, although my emulation days are difficult with an IBM Model M keyboard.
I have some rewired NES Hypershot controllers rather than bashing the Right hand cursor key on my HBFX1DJ. They work very well Wink

بواسطة AndreV

Master (217)

صورة AndreV

10-11-2022, 11:14

Still have my suzo arcade turbo from +/-37 years ago, works fine, some games i used to play with keyboard, but use the suzo exlusive now. also i use the arcade turbo with M.A.M.E. on the old two button games.

بواسطة retro69

Resident (35)

صورة retro69

15-11-2022, 22:09

I use a Retroradionics AcadeR, reconfigured for MSX. Works like a charm, including second button and autofire.

بواسطة The Apeman

Master (242)

صورة The Apeman

16-11-2022, 11:09

I use two Sega Megadrive controllers via JoyMega Adapters. My son told me prefers those over the Panasonic MSX controller he used at the Nijmegen fair last year so I have given up looking for those.

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