Which MSX1 has which VDP exactly?

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بواسطة Manuel

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صورة Manuel

15-07-2014, 22:35


I'd like to compile a list of MSX1 machines and which exact VDP is used in them.... Here's a start:

Canon V-20: TMS9929A
Casio MX-10: TMS9118
Casio PV-16: TMS9118
Casio PV-7: TMS9118
Gradiente Expert 1.0/1.1: TMS9118
Gradiente Expert (DD)Plus: T9737A (engine)
National CF-1200: TMS9918A
Panasonic CF-2700 (German): TMS9129
Philips VG 8000: TMS9129
Philips VG 8010: TMS9129
Philips VG 8020/20: TMS9129
Sanyo PHC-28S:TMS9929A
Sharp hotBit 1.1/1.2 TMS9118
Sony HB-10P: T6950
Talent DPC-200: TMS9129

You can find out by opening your MSX and/or running the ident.bas program.
Thanks for your contribution(s) to this list!Smile

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بواسطة ARTRAG

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15-07-2014, 23:22

where is ident.bas ?

بواسطة maxis

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16-07-2014, 00:15

CX5M - TMS9918
YIS503 - TMS9918
CX11 - V9938
CX5MII - V9938
CX5MII/128 - V9938
YIS503/II - V9938
MPC-200 - Toshiba T6950

بواسطة hit9918

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16-07-2014, 00:59

Hit Bit 75P has 9929.
Oh, the many 91xx. I feel that is what made the mask registers mystic. On every second VDP it looked like "they dont work". While they do work, just with a different model.
Would be nice if emu would fix the low bits of colormask.

بواسطة Jorito

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16-07-2014, 07:51

Sounds like a good addition to our wiki!

بواسطة Manuel

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16-07-2014, 09:42

Send me a mail and I send you ident.bas Smile

بواسطة Manuel

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16-07-2014, 09:50

Here's a set of machines that use the T6950 (thanks to FRS):

Sony HB-20P

The Sony HB-10P is exactly the same machine as the HB-20P, but with less main RAM.

Casio MX-15

Toshiba HX-20I

Toshiba HX-30

بواسطة tvalenca

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16-07-2014, 15:37

Manuel wrote:

Gradiente Expert (DD)Plus: T9737A (engine)

Manuel, I think I found a typo: That should be T7937... (The one starting with T9 is for MSX2 computers)

And without running your program, I can point that:
- Gradiente Expert 1.0/1.1 and Sharp HotBit 1.1/1.2 actually uses a TMS9128 (not TMS9118)
- Philips VG8020/00 (which has a bunch of 74LS chips instead a Yamaha MSX-Engine like VG8020/20) uses a TMS9929.

بواسطة kanima

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16-07-2014, 17:11

I'm curious, does ident.bas work fully automatic? Is there some ports it can read the identifier from? Or does it show several screens with different address masking and maybe sprite mirroring tricks and then asks you questions about what you actually saw and then from those answers deduce the VDP chip that was used?

بواسطة Manuel

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16-07-2014, 19:06

The latter.

بواسطة slumpmax

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16-07-2014, 19:42

Daewoo DPC200 - TMS9918A (PAL)

It's my first MSX computer and I used it only one day because I changed to DPC300 (MSX2)

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