The big 'MSX users, since when are you an MSX user'-thread

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بواسطة snout

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صورة snout

12-03-2006, 20:57

Inspired by this page, lets find out since we all started MSXing.... sub-question: what was your first MSX computer?

I started in 1986, and my first MSX computer was a Philips NMS-8245. I was 6 years old at the time ^_^.

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بواسطة Latok

msx guru (3867)

صورة Latok

12-03-2006, 21:07

1985, Philips MSX2 VG8235-00 Smile

بواسطة [D-Tail]

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صورة [D-Tail]

12-03-2006, 21:10

I started in 1989, as a four-years-old brat, on my dad's NMS8245.

بواسطة wolf_

Ambassador_ (9956)

صورة wolf_

12-03-2006, 21:41

uh.. must be .. uh .. 9 or 10 orso.. guess that must be '87 or '88 then.. first with the British tank 'HX10', then with the DesignerByAKoene 8245 because that's what we did @ school with the 8235's. That 4color brush ... oooooohhh the memories ^_______^

بواسطة tfh

Prophet (3176)

صورة tfh

12-03-2006, 22:20

My MSX-Activities started when I was 11 in 1985, when my steph-father bought a Toshiba HX-10 Smile So that's 21 years ago.
Man, it feels like ages!!! (Which it is!)

بواسطة Ivan

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12-03-2006, 22:22

1988, Sony HB-501P (MSX1 with built in tape recorder).

بواسطة Manuel

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صورة Manuel

12-03-2006, 22:25

I was about 9 when my dad bought a Philips VG 8020, with a data recorder, 2 joysticks and one game. I remember he bought MCM 14 (I hope I'm correct here) soon after that, and he tried typing in the Jake in the Caves program, which took weeks because he didn't use the checking program at first! (That was a key learning point!)

بواسطة Haohmaru

Paladin (774)

صورة Haohmaru

12-03-2006, 23:30

Somewhere around 1985/1986, Philips VG8020. I got my first MSX2 (a Philips NMS8255) in 1998, after a visit to the Almelo'97 fair.

بواسطة meits

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13-03-2006, 00:14


بواسطة Alexandre_Taito

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صورة Alexandre_Taito

13-03-2006, 02:26

Hmmm, hard to remember, but I'll try
It was just when MSX came to Brazil. About 1986 or 87. My first (and only) MSX was a black Hotbit 1.2, with a DDX 5 1/4 drive. I had this puter for some 2 years, and traded it for an IC test board for the Apple II.

After all these years, I bought a MSX in 2002 or 2003, and everything happened again Smile Now I have money to have a 2.0+ and megaram. In my childhood these were just dreams Wink

بواسطة Vampier

Prophet (2396)

صورة Vampier

13-03-2006, 02:28

1983 or 84.. cant remember exactly.

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