Loading Emulator files into a real MSX Machine

بواسطة jonesypeter

Expert (74)

صورة jonesypeter

07-11-2015, 12:54


Is it possible to load game emulator files into a real MSX Computer?


Peter Jones

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بواسطة st1mpy

Paladin (850)

صورة st1mpy

07-11-2015, 13:02

yes, .rom, .cas, .dsk files can be run on a real machine, some with extra hardware, some without. Just search in this forum for how.

بواسطة Buleste

Master (158)

صورة Buleste

07-11-2015, 13:14

If you have access to an android phone it's easy. Use either Tapdancer or MSX2CAS. You could also try building the Arduitape for CAS files for a cheap option or buy a SDCard cartridge which should allow you to load DSK files.


بواسطة jonesypeter

Expert (74)

صورة jonesypeter

07-11-2015, 13:24

Hello Buleste. Thanks for prividing such a detailed answer. I am an Android user so will check out those apps.

Games like Sir Fred and Livingstone seem so expensive to purchase.


بواسطة Hydragon

Paladin (718)

صورة Hydragon

07-11-2015, 16:18

I would suggest a nowind interface cartridge so you load your dsk files from laptop in your msx.

بواسطة Manuel

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صورة Manuel

08-11-2015, 00:17

So, it basically depends which files you want to run. Tell us!