PSG Data Read?

بواسطة First Spear

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صورة First Spear

08-01-2016, 18:24

Hey all. I have used OpenMSX under Windoze to successfully to save some PSG output.
I would now like to convert that to text (XML) for further saving and sharing and conversion.

Can anyone point me to resources for reading and interpreting the PSG data? In the end, I want to save the position, tone, channel, volume, or noise value, kind of like what is shown in the screen snip.


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بواسطة Grauw

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صورة Grauw

08-01-2016, 18:29

You could record as VGM and use the vgm2mid or vgm2txt tool...

بواسطة Manuel

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صورة Manuel

08-01-2016, 23:04

Good one Grauw.

Alternatively, you could also log it as text file (with the reg_log command) and interpret the data with the data sheet.