About Sony MB670836 ic...

بواسطة Dhampird

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06-07-2016, 01:12

I get a MSX2+ F1 XV, i´m wondering if anyone have the MB670836 pinout, i was looking how CLK moves in the XV board and if i´m right i found that the CLK signal goes to the Sony MB670836 to 3 pins. The Sony HB-F1XD service manual not match at all with the CLK signal in the XV. The MB670836, could work at more Mhz?

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بواسطة Protoman

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20-11-2016, 12:29

Hello Dhampird! Smile I also have an HB-F1XV, but when I test the CLK signal through the board, I only see pin 91 of the MB670836 being used. I tested for signal on pins 26 and 88 like in your diagram, but those don't appear to connect to the CLK for me. I also noticed a mistake in your connections of R29, C22, and C23 where the ground pins are connected differently. So MB670836 pin 88 should be connected to R29 and the other side of R29 goes to the trace with C22. Then from the other side of C22 is where C23 connects and finally to ground. Wink