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03-01-2021, 09:09

Hi Santi,
Thanks for the insight! I really like what Mayra is doing. If you consider the number of sales, it's really impressive to see how well it all looks. Also taking the price into consideration he's doing the community a great service.

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03-01-2021, 10:37

santiontanon wrote:

Indeed, tfh's wbsite is a fantastic service, thanks a lot for that! It's amazing to be able to just put a link in our game's websites saying something like "play directly in your browser here".

As for cartridges sold I can tell you about mine. Matra does batches of 25 or 50 most of the times. If the game is popular, then he does another batch. My games have sold between 50 - 100 each game. But I know that some of the "big productions" (Sword of Ianna, Brunilda, etc.) have reached much higher numbers. I forget which one of those, but I remember reading that one of them had sold more than 200 cartridges (but I'm speaking from memory on this last point, so, I might be wrong).

Any ideas about original games ported to marketplaces like Steam, Google Play or Apple App Store?

One of my assumptions to try to make money out of retro gaming for real retro hardware, was:

1) Release the ROM (digital) for free. Will help to find/correct errors and, most importantly, for marketing
2) Create a nice physical version (Floppies or cart) with several bells & whistles (poster, keyring, collectors box,...) for the passion and mostly cover production costs, as sales figures would not make a huge/significant difference in anyone's income
3) Make real money by selling it through those marketplaces, where the market is huge.


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03-01-2021, 19:53


According to MSX Computer Magazine 22 (page39) Metal Gear only sold 3500 copies in Europe.

@Brinqunullus Nice info. Thankxs!

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