disk images from panasonic-ifa1 hand scanner

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10-07-2021, 14:46

Software version for MSX2+ seem to be the first version because a article in MSX Magazine 1988-12 (about the release date of the interface) says "for MSX2+" (page 138).

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10-07-2021, 19:35

Maybe the software somehow detects functionality through the IFA1?


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11-07-2021, 15:15

Grauw wrote:

Are these scanners able to scan gray tones? My dad owned a scanner back in the day, the FW-RSU1W going by the pictures and my memory. But I think I remember that it was only able to scan in dithered black / white? Perfect for Dynamic Publisher I guess ;). I recall at some point I made a program to average the black & white pixels to get a lower resolution grayscale image…

Indeed, been there, done that. :) The scanner interface is pure B/W, but scanners had this dither possibility. I know it was scanner feature as the dither patterns were different between the two scanners I had. I believe the resolution on these was anyway relatively high... I believe 640px on Panasonic and something like 800px or 1024px on the other one (maybe Logitech ScanMan?) Averaging to grayscale was therefore not a bad idea. I newer wrote a program to use the whole scanner resolution though.

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