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بواسطة santiontanon

Paragon (1653)

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25-06-2017, 04:24

Fantastic news!! recover soon! Smile

بواسطة Pencioner

Scribe (1507)

صورة Pencioner

25-06-2017, 18:58

Good luck and have a fast and complete recovery!

بواسطة roadfighter

Champion (441)

صورة roadfighter

28-06-2017, 22:52

Best to you and have a good recovery!

بواسطة Manuel

Ascended (18940)

صورة Manuel

28-06-2017, 23:23

FRS, I missed this message, but I'm glad to hear the good news. I wish you a very good recovery.

بواسطة Wolverine_nl

Paragon (1159)

صورة Wolverine_nl

29-06-2017, 09:04

wernerkai wrote:

Good news.

Our MSX-Friend Rafael Rigues told us the surgery was sucessful and now Fabio (sd_snatcher) is taking a rest OK at the hospital's room.

Big smile

Very good news! Get well soon! Smile

بواسطة Pippo

Hero (521)

صورة Pippo

29-06-2017, 10:10

I'm happy to read this good news. Smile
We wait for to see him soon on MRC again. Smile

بواسطة DrWh0

Paladin (838)

صورة DrWh0

29-06-2017, 15:20

Good luck and best wishes from the people of MRC!

بواسطة raulsantacruz

Hero (603)

صورة raulsantacruz

03-07-2017, 11:01

I hope everything will be ok after the surgery and I wish you a fast recovery!


بواسطة jltursan

Prophet (2619)

صورة jltursan

03-07-2017, 19:35

Yup, great news!, take care!

بواسطة sd_snatcher

Prophet (3551)

صورة sd_snatcher

04-08-2017, 21:43

Hi guys! I'm here to bring some news about my recovery.

As ricbit already said here, the surgery went well. But there were some after effects. Some of them have recovered or almost completely fated after a month (light facial paralysis, sense of taste distortions, nausea), while some other are more persisting: namely dizziness and vertigo, because my left labyrinth had to be amputated.

Another good news is that a cochlear implant was also put in place, so there's a chance that my left ear hearing will be recovered to some extent. Around 1 year of rehab therapy is expected to be needed to both the train left hearing and recover the sense of balance.

In the first weeks it was nearly impossible to use any computer screen, but now I'm able to use it for tasks that don't require too much concentration. This means I'm not being able to code right now, but I hope I'll be able to return to the forums and do some other lighter contributions here and there. Smile

I also have a lot of material (software, hardware, docs and even images) that I finished before my surgery that can be released in the next days. My plan was to release them before the surgery, but the weeks before the surgery were so hectic that it just wasn't possible to do it.

I also would like to thank you all for your messages for my recovery both here and in private. This is certainly a great community. :)

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