MSX meeting in december (northern France)

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بواسطة Metalion

Paragon (1477)

صورة Metalion

10-09-2017, 20:30

Hi everyone,

MSX Village is organizing an MSX meeting in northern France in december. It will be a 2 day event, in a gorgeous place with sleeping over capacity (Gites de France) :

As it will be not far from the belgian border, we extend the call to all Belgians and Dutch MSX fans !
Come on over, bring your MSXs and your sleeping bags, and let's party ..

More info here (in french) :

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بواسطة Sebbeug

Champion (351)

صورة Sebbeug

10-09-2017, 21:14

Here we go !

بواسطة ericb59

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صورة ericb59

11-09-2017, 12:50

I will be there ... :-)

بواسطة Jipe

Paragon (1546)

صورة Jipe

11-09-2017, 15:27

i am

بواسطة J-War

Champion (413)

صورة J-War

11-09-2017, 16:53

I'll be there (naked) Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

بواسطة tfh

Prophet (3153)

صورة tfh

11-09-2017, 20:16

J-War wrote:

I'll be there (naked) Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

/me is not looking forward to the pictures of this meeting ;-)

بواسطة J-War

Champion (413)

صورة J-War

11-09-2017, 22:49

Indeed, you would be aroused ! Evil

بواسطة albatorSSX

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صورة albatorSSX

17-09-2017, 12:47


بواسطة Zarchos

Supporter (5)

صورة Zarchos

01-12-2017, 20:34

What a pity it has been cancelled.
I would have loved coming and meeting all of you, truely.

Maybe next time you can choose a place like a real town people could have at least heard about, with easy access, who knows ?
That would help.
Etroeung has less than 1400 inhabitants ... I am French and I didn't even know it existed ;-)

Kindest regards,

بواسطة Manuel

Ascended (18695)

صورة Manuel

02-12-2017, 00:21

Who said it's canceled?

بواسطة Eugeny_Brychkov

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صورة Eugeny_Brychkov

02-12-2017, 01:02

If there will be no wired internet and no router provided by the facilities please someone bring such device to the meeting to connect GR8NETs to. Thanks!

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