MSX Fair Nijmegen - evaluation

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بواسطة OeiOeiVogeltje

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18-02-2019, 23:55

that IS an idea ill keep in mind for next year

بواسطة syn

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19-02-2019, 21:10

Latok wrote:

I agree, near perfect!

I heard some people would like to have presentations, but I'm not sure about this. For the atmosphere and total picture it helped that it felt really crowdy saturday. If you split up the audience into several rooms, you take that away and that's something we should not want, I think.

Though, maybe you COULD use the space behind the curtains for some in depth discussion about something or a small lecture. Then you still keep everyone in the same space and the curtains might just have the effect you need to get some private space....

I suggested the presentations, but only because I liked the way MRC 2K11 event was held. I think you ppl are right, it might not fit the nijmegen/beuningen fair in its current form. However, I am curious to know how many ppl would be interested to view presentations, and are there ppl who would want to give one?

@manuel: I dont have much to complain about last fair, imho it was great Wink

بواسطة Grauw

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19-02-2019, 21:30

Presentations could be nice, but I already have way too little time to talk to everyone!

بواسطة Pencioner

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19-02-2019, 22:35

Grauw wrote:

Presentations could be nice, but I already have way too little time to talk to everyone!

i had a really strong feeling that ending at 18:00 is way too early... wish it could have some more hours

بواسطة Manuel

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20-02-2019, 00:28

Well, we also want to have some dinner and the people of the venue want to go home not too long after that. 20:30 is kick-out time... can't really help that. I always feel such a day is way too short! Even when starting at 9 AM! Smile


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20-02-2019, 11:31

You should be sleeping under table on top of a speaker that plays FireHawk music @ 90dB... at least that has been pretty much definition of a computer party around this part of world... We might be getting a bit old for that though, so lately I've seen that it has become kind of a standard that there are always some little used beds & couches around somewhere. 32H of MSX + dinner is definitely not too much.

BTW next year I'll be there or I'll be square.

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20-02-2019, 21:20

Grauw wrote:

Presentations could be nice, but I already have way too little time to talk to everyone!

Indeed. But i looked to your setup.. And man.. What a cool cool software you make! Impressed! And what a hardware support.. Crazy!

بواسطة Grauw

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20-02-2019, 21:36

Thanks! Smile

بواسطة DarkSchneider

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21-02-2019, 12:04

A little bit closer Big smile

Also presentations are nice, we did it here and I recommend it much. It is a very interesting place for those who want to share their projects and those who want to know about them.
As mentioned by @Latok try to use another space, as they are very time consuming so interested people could do it there. As probably you also need some darkness for the projector.

Here a sample (yes we had a very little space):

Probably some of you now want to make his/her own conference.

بواسطة hamlet

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21-02-2019, 21:20

Well, maybe we could organize a trans-European 2k22 meeting?
Nijm'19 was very balanced for me, it still had the charm of a family meeting to talk to good old friends and to get to know new people I usually only know from the net.
That's what such meetings are all about.
It was a very well organized day, which unfortunately did not contain enough hours to do justice to everyone. It was impossible for me to see and discuss all these fantastic projects. But with the luck to have examined some of these studies and to have experienced innovations I can live well.
For Nijm'20 I have a big wish: Since I can't imagine to top such highlights as the live performed music quiz and the friendly atmosphere, let's make it just as great!

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