I want that thing on my wall! ...or on my car.

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بواسطة Xan0ri

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17-01-2007, 12:00

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بواسطة Niles

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17-01-2007, 14:29

Florida y hermosa Wink

In spain the car plates are a sequence of three letters followed by 4 numbers... and currently we reach the "Fxx". In a couple of years we will reach the "MSX", I have to be prepared to buy a new car then!!!!!

(much better "MSX1983" LOL!LOL!)

بواسطة konamiman

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17-01-2007, 19:08

In a couple of years we will reach the "MSX"

Well... not exactly. At the current rate of car matriculation, the first letter takes about two years to change. So I'd say instead that we must wait about 10 to 15 years for having MSX plates. Smile

بواسطة msd

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17-01-2007, 19:45

I saw a license plate yesterday with "88-RN-FF"!!

بواسطة Samor

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17-01-2007, 21:07

must've been J-War's car Tongue

بواسطة KNM

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17-01-2007, 22:01

At this moment,there som nice license plates in Spain like DVD,DTS,DSK,FDD,COM,BAS,BIN,BAT,CAS... Tongue or my father´s DSX ( mine´s DSS )...So freaky!BA-teamBA-team

بواسطة snout

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17-01-2007, 22:39

msd: was it a white Opel Astra?

بواسطة snout

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17-01-2007, 22:40

btw, at the time we were going to Flying Bytes my dad had the licence plate "FB-SX-02"... I really should have changed that - in an M ^_^

بواسطة Latok

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17-01-2007, 23:26

No snout, that was Henk Moesker his dad Tongue

بواسطة snout

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17-01-2007, 23:52

wanna bet? Tongue


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18-01-2007, 04:49



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