Another 8-bit machine in the making

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Paragon (1909)

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14-09-2019, 12:46

So many interesting projects happening. Also have a look at the MEGA65 project Smile

I always believed it would be so cool to have a (new) 8-bit (w/ close to 16-bit capabilities) that would appeal to the different communities and perhaps could bring them together. (And would have the potential to grow a large (new) user base.)

This seems promising in that regard. Liking the staged product plan.
And the philosophies (his own explanations) (see blog post on his website) behind things like the the wariness regarding using FPGA, not aiming for backwards C64 compatibility (wanting to deliver a new/fresh platform to develop for), and the aim indeed to provide something accessible to get down with sound good to me.

YM2151 paired with something else would be sweet! 8-bitter w/ default awesome sound.

@Keith: having experience in both, how would you compare programming for Z80 vs 6502? Any preference there? Being a cross-platform guy, what are your feelings/thoughts regarding the potential of this machine (esp. the appeal cross-scene & chance to be a success factor) ?

(btw: comparing with the Kiwi project makes little sense: different goals etc.)

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14-09-2019, 14:10

it ran at 1.7 (3.58/2)

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15-09-2019, 12:06

because a "perfect" 8-bit machine is victor HC-90/95, it would be very interesting to recreate this design
z80 @ 3 + hd64180 / z180 @ speed to choose, double ram well (512 z80, 2MB z180, 9958 for not reinventing too much.

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16-09-2019, 14:54

Manuel wrote:

What would be a good sound chip alternative for 8-bit guy's computer?

They seem to be intent on using YM2151+SAA1099. YM2151 is a great choice, since it's very flexible and provide 8 channels of sweet 4-op FM sound. But it's a bit hard to use if you want to produce simple sound effects, like beeps and such, so they are thinking of pairing it with the Philips SAA1099, which has 6 sound channels and is somewhat similar to the PSG and the DCSG. Great setup for chiptunes!

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