Picked up an old Project again - Deva

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بواسطة norakomi

Paragon (1084)

صورة norakomi

16-09-2019, 13:03

Hi everyone !

It's been almost 10 years since I stopped working on Deva, but all that time this project was in my mind.
Recently I decided to sit down, and look at the code and maybe start writing a bit.
Within short time I made a decision: I'm gonna finish the game!

In total the game has 10 levels and all the graphics and maps of the levels are finished, but most of the levels
still needed monsters and endbosses.
And since I'm really bad at drawing I decided to rip monsters and bosses from existing games.
Therefor the game will not be 100% original, and I decided to release the game as a demo.

The game deserves to be released. And better releasing it as a demo with ripped graphics,
then not at all.

All 10 levels are now finished. The game is completely playable from beginning to end.
And in short what still needs to be done is:

-Making sfx
-Making into- and outrodemo

The main purpose of this post is to seek help in this area.

-Making into- and outrodemo

I'm looking for anyone who has drawing skills and is willing to help.
The story line is ready, and the drawings for the into- and outrodemo need to be made.
This can be done on the computer, or on paper (i can convert it to msx format).

If anyone is interested in helping along, that would be great !

If not, then I will regardless release the game (still as demo) without intro- and outrodemo.

-Making sfx
Any help is welcome

Msx greetz,

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بواسطة RobertVroemisse

Paragon (1261)

صورة RobertVroemisse

16-09-2019, 15:12

If you (we?) can find somenone who can draw sprites the game would be 100% original. My time is quite limited to say the least but I can take care of the endbosses when you're not releasing the game in a few weeks. I can also provide music in MB 1.4 format if John is unavailable.

And please check your mailbox. You will find some little presents from me there.

بواسطة erpirao

Paragon (1071)

صورة erpirao

16-09-2019, 16:35

this deva is yours?
deva proyect
this guy need help!, I need this game!

بواسطة Oniric-Factor

Expert (117)

صورة Oniric-Factor

16-09-2019, 17:17

I would like to help you, but i have a long queue of graphics works in process.

It can be a good idea to put the specifications of all the graphics that you need.

Perhaps we could help in any way.

بواسطة valkyre

Champion (443)

صورة valkyre

16-09-2019, 17:22

This is an amazing project that got us excited many years ago. It would be great to see it finished and released.

بواسطة journey

Champion (413)

صورة journey

16-09-2019, 17:26

norakomi wrote:

Hi everyone !
Within short time I made a decision: I'm gonna finish the game!

This is a G R E A T news!!!

بواسطة Thom

Hero (638)

صورة Thom

16-09-2019, 22:30

Some websites offer free 8-bit pixel art, perhaps there are some assets available which suit your project?
Anyway, great news! Now If only Cas Cremers could revive his HD...

بواسطة Vampier

Prophet (2352)

صورة Vampier

17-09-2019, 05:37

good news Smile

بواسطة syn

Paragon (1972)

صورة syn

17-09-2019, 07:04

Best news ever!

بواسطة Manuel

Ascended (16861)

صورة Manuel

17-09-2019, 07:29

Fantastic news! I hope some people can help you finish it.

بواسطة jltursan

Prophet (2303)

صورة jltursan

17-09-2019, 10:31

Amazing!, I put on par Deva with the never released "Core Dump", it looks like a major step technically speaking.

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