Pre-order now your copy of QUARTET

Pre-order now your copy of QUARTET

بواسطة ericb59 بتاريخ 13-10-2019, 12:25
المناقشة: Software
وسوم: 2018, game, Reprofactory, MSXdev

Prepare your Christmas today with a new cartridge for your MSX.
Quartet is available for pre-order right now.

What's new for this physical version:

  • 3 extra face sets
  • Training mode
  • Secret bonus by using secret but famous manipulation
  • Two player co-op mode
  • Credits screen

The price for this cartridge version is 30 € (+ shipment)

Orders will be shipped in December 2019

To pre-order your cartridge, please fill this form :

For payment Eric from Reprofactory will contact you by email.

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  • Pre-order now your copy of QUARTET
  • Pre-order now your copy of QUARTET
  • Pre-order now your copy of QUARTET

التعليقات (6)

بواسطة Lazzeri

Champion (268)

صورة Lazzeri

14-10-2019, 04:08

EricB is back! Yes! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

بواسطة Hydragon

Paladin (716)

صورة Hydragon

18-10-2019, 15:31

Had a lot of fun testing this great game!

بواسطة fernandomanuel.garciagarcia

Master (189)

صورة fernandomanuel.garciagarcia

21-10-2019, 13:26

Same here Hydragon ... I've got (and still having) lot of fun playing the two player co-op mode, it's really ace!

بواسطة GreyFoxNL

Supporter (16)

صورة GreyFoxNL

21-10-2019, 21:37

Great game, I pre ordered one. Should make a nice Xmas present Smile

بواسطة hamlet

Scribe (3515)

صورة hamlet

22-12-2019, 13:39

Now our postman will start sweating to deliver the cartridge before Christmas as promised. What went wrong?

بواسطة dan

Master (166)

صورة dan

28-01-2020, 12:00

cartridge received a few weeks ago. we've been playing in cooperating mode (very convenient when playing with kids). fruit and animal faces are very funny. the training mode was also a good idea. still thinking on the secret bonus. félicitations!