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بواسطة rderooy

Paladin (686)

صورة rderooy

20-10-2019, 13:45

I have done an inventory of the missing Konami manuals for which we do not have a scan listed on GenMSX.
If someone has the manuals, and is willing to assist in scanning them, that would be great. Simply provide a link, or alternatively you can upload it to archive.org for free and provide a link.

If you spot any errors in the list, let me know.

- Athletic Land (JP)
- Athletic Land (EU)
- Cabbage Patch Kids (JP)
- Circus Charlie (JP)
- Comic Bakery (EU)
- Frogger (JP)
- Ganbare Goemon (JP)
- Gradius 1 (JP)
- Gradius 3 (JP)
- Green Beret (EU)
- Hai no Majutsushi (JP)
- Hyper Sports 1 (JP)
- Hyper Sports 2 (JP)
- Hyper Sports 3 (JP)
- Hyper Sports 3 (EU)
- Japanese Word Processor unit (JP)
- King's Valley II (JP)
- Video Hustler (JP)
- Konami Game Collection 1 (JP)
- Konami Game Collection 2 (JP)
- Konami Game Collection 3 (JP)
- Konami Game Collection 4 (JP)
- Konami Game Collection Extra (JP)
- Konami's Boxing (JP)
- Konami's Soccer (JP)
- Konami's Soccer (EU)*
- Konami's Golf (JP)
- Konami's Mahjong (JP)
- Konami's Ping Pong (JP)
- Konami's Synthesizer (JP)
- Konami's Tennis (JP)
- Konami's Uranai Sensation
- Magical Tree (JP)
- Monkey Academy (JP)
- Mopi Ranger (JP)
- Qbert (JP)
- Road Fighter (JP)
- Super Cobra (JP)
- Usas (JP)
- Time Pilot (JP)
- Hyper Olympics 1 (JP)
- Hyper Olympics 2 (JP)
- Twin Bee (JP)
- Vampire Killer (EU)
- Yie ar Kung-Fu 1 (JP)
- Yie ar Kung-Fu 2 (JP)

* Note the manual for Konami's Football is available online, it is the Soccer edition that is missing

- F1 Spirit (EU)
- Hyper Rally (EU
- Konami's Billiards (EU)
- Konami's Golf (EU)
- Mopi Ranger (EU)
- Nemesis 1 (EU)
- Nemesis 2 (EU)
- Nemesis 3 (EU)
- Qbert (EU)
- Salamander (EU)
- Maze of Galious (EU)
- Time Pilot (EU)
- Track & Field 1 (EU)
- Twin Bee (EU)
- Yie ar Kung-Fu 2 (EU)

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بواسطة ray2day

Paladin (752)

صورة ray2day

21-10-2019, 18:34


(just a link... please discuss with meits and the copyrighted owner if you can uses these...)

بواسطة meits

Scribe (6571)

صورة meits

21-10-2019, 22:40

I rapidly compared the list to what I have. It seems I can't help. Doesn't archive.org have some?

بواسطة GUNMA747J

Expert (100)

صورة GUNMA747J

16-11-2019, 04:12

i had scanned the gradius 1 jp manual and uploaded to archive.org

also gradius 3/gofer no yabou ep ii is also avaliable there:gofer2

بواسطة AndreV

Champion (272)

صورة AndreV

06-05-2020, 16:26

I'm looking for the enlish manual(scan copy) for penguin adventure.I can't find it anywhere, I have the original cartridge and box. thank you in advance.

بواسطة juanmariego

Rookie (24)

صورة juanmariego

12-05-2021, 12:48

Hello AndreV, did you find that manual. I'm looking for it but it's impossible to find it.

Thanks in advance

بواسطة defdanny

Scribe (391)

صورة defdanny

12-05-2021, 14:17

Hi Juan, have a look at the download section of https://www.file-hunter.com/
On the homepage just scroll down a bit to "The Complete MSX Library".
You will find a folder "Manuals" and also the one you are looking for, easily.

بواسطة AndreV

Champion (272)

صورة AndreV

12-05-2021, 19:13

Yes, the manual can be found at file hunter com

بواسطة Takamichi

Hero (651)

صورة Takamichi

18-12-2021, 17:03

بواسطة Vahan

Expert (101)

صورة Vahan

19-12-2021, 00:58

I still can hardly believe there hasn't been a Usas manual scan yet.

بواسطة ray2day

Paladin (752)

صورة ray2day

19-12-2021, 16:03


I still can hardly believe there hasn't been a Usas manual scan yet.


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