Wanted: keyboard for Sony HB-F700P (and coming to the msx fair?)

بواسطة timbru

Rookie (31)

صورة timbru

27-01-2020, 13:45

Hi all,

I recently got back into MSX after many years of absence. I bought a Sony HB-F700P in good working condition. The only problem is that it came with a german keyboard - I can switch the Y and the Z in my mind, but it's more tricky wrt special characters.

So, does anyone have a working 'P' keyboard for trade? And even better, are you planning to come to the MSX fair this weekend? I know it's a remote chance.. but I needed to ask Wink


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بواسطة Wierzbowsky

Guardian (3608)

صورة Wierzbowsky

27-01-2020, 19:31

RepairBas should have those keyboards. He sold one to me for a very good price.

بواسطة timbru

Rookie (31)

صورة timbru

28-01-2020, 11:04

Ah good for you Smile I already asked RepairBas but he did not have any unfortunately.

I guess that I joined this party a bit late. In any case I will keep my eyes open at the MSX fair, and on the second hand market. A defective 700P with a decent keyboard may also be a good insurance for spares.