Interviews in Nijmegen 2020

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12-02-2020, 15:21

Interviews made by Ramon Ribas in Nijmegen 2020 for the podcast MSX Connetion are available here:

- Michael Stellmann
- Manuel Vilderbeek
- Robert Vroemisse & John Hassink

Remember you can find our podcasts (MSX Connection in english and Conexión MSX in spanish) at:


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بواسطة edoz

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12-02-2020, 15:44

Nice to see Big smile Thank you for sharing!

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14-02-2020, 08:51

Nice Big smile

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14-02-2020, 09:26


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14-02-2020, 09:35

Manuel von Vilderbeek.

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14-02-2020, 10:10

Don't the Spanish pronounce V as B? At least have slight case of IIRC here Wink

بواسطة The_Engineer

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14-02-2020, 12:14

Manuel von Vilderbeek a.k.a. count Nimega Tongue