Idea of RAM expansion cartridge

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Paladin (983)

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04-03-2020, 14:33

gdx wrote:

Why always bring out the Z380? There are many other Z80 compatible ones like the Z8400, Z84015, eZ80, KL5C8400, etc. There are some which are fast and consume very little.

Z380 is a classic, like the classic Z280 Smile

Z280 (prototype) is a textbook for scientists who made the R800.

Z280 was not available (limited) in 90 of the last century. If it was not so. Perhaps there would be an lpe z280 card Smile

بواسطة Dolphin101546015

Champion (336)

صورة Dolphin101546015

04-03-2020, 19:06

I am not sure if VDP so fast as KL5C8400 Smile

بواسطة erpirao

Paragon (1315)

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04-03-2020, 20:41

ok, we could use another cpu other than the z380
How was the z180?
or the rabbit2000? which is a z180 @ 28 mhz but 4 times faster than the z80 at the same clock?

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19-03-2020, 16:17

I agree with gdx, a project that simplifies the use of our software is more preferable than having a large ram.

بواسطة lintweaker

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20-03-2020, 09:35

Dolphin101546015 wrote:

I am not sure if VDP so fast as KL5C8400 Smile

Looks interesting. Did anyone find a full datasheet of it? I can only find 2 page PDFs.

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