[WTB] or TRADE for FS-A1ST

بواسطة tsmvp

Resident (35)

صورة tsmvp

14-03-2020, 17:02

I am looking for a Sony HB-F900 in very good condition. Want to buy one but I am also considering a trade (may or may not require extra cash/accessories - to be decided between both parties) for a Panasonic FS-A1ST turboR in the box with foam, papers, etc. As I also have a GT, I do not mind trading the ST... But again, the Sony will have to be in VERY good, near perfect condition as this is how this ST is (it even has 768kb as it was upgraded). Depending on the offer I also have the rare MIDI cartridge for the ST that brings the MIDI ports, extra memory and so on (Bit2).
If you have the Sony and is interested on selling it or trading for the ST, let's chat.


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