I might actually finish this one

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بواسطة Bengalack

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صورة Bengalack

21-04-2020, 19:32

Using the adjust register horizontally. Using the vertical scroll-register for vertical scroll (can't see it in the demo, I'll post footage later). Yes, using sprite-blocks on each side to mask scroll-blocks. This is currently using (or "spending") 24 of 32 sprites. 12 on each side. The main character is using two sprites (and is utilizing the OR-color :-) ). This means that there are only 6 sprites left for enemies and a potential walk-behind(into)-something-effect. This number is too low, so I'm currently looking into how I can split the screen halfway or so ("spritesplit"?), and reuse the upper masks in the lower area. That should potentially free up 12 sprites or so, that I can use in addition, for enemies. That should be just about an ok amount. Enemies are planned to have 2 sprites (+ OR-color, yay) as well.

The moving platform is a so-called "soft-sprite". It is bit expensive, so we'll see whether this one makes it in the final product :-)

We'll see how it goes. Most of the game/engine is written in C with the "crucial" parts in assembly. To maintain flexibility while prototyping and developing I'm keeping as much as possible in C as long as possible. As soon as things are in assembly, changes and alterations takes a long time :-( At least for me. That said, more and more stuff is currently being put into the main loop, so more and more must be converted to asm. Hitting max-frame time is not hard Smile at least not in 60Hz :-)

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صورة smx

21-04-2020, 19:43

We all need a fun and fun platformer for the Msx system


بواسطة Daemos

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صورة Daemos

21-04-2020, 21:41


I have for you a fully functional screen 4 engine with sound and music. screen split SCC sound, parrallax scrolls on some tilesets etc etc etc etc. With internal basic code and eventhandler. This is a fully open source thingy. It is a slow engine but has everything you need to make a fast pace scroller. It runs tight at 30fps runs on virtually any MSX2 and up computer on only 64 k of RAM. If you need some snippets of code from that to help you speed up your project. Feel free to receive a clone from the current repository. You will need to mail me for that for well.. complex reasons Wink

بواسطة Bengalack

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صورة Bengalack

21-04-2020, 22:07

Daemos wrote:

I have for you a fully functional screen 4 engine with sound and music

Great stuff. Thanks for the offer. I'll contact you, should I be in the need. But right now, I have thrown a little personal challenge to get most of this going by myself.

Is it 100% assembly --or, when you say "internal basic code", you mean Basic (language)?

بواسطة Daemos

Paragon (1958)

صورة Daemos

21-04-2020, 22:57

The whole thing is written in pure assembly but inside the object handler it has alot of generic calls you can call. Moving the objects, interactiona spawning tiles ect etc. The objecthandler is powerfull. It needs to be able to handle alot of interactions.

You can even get all the data from another object with a simple call or fetch the mapadress.

Engine supports 45 degree angled tiles as well.

بواسطة Manuel

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صورة Manuel

21-04-2020, 23:29

Daemos: any news on your project?

بواسطة Daemos

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صورة Daemos

22-04-2020, 18:40

News is that the project is still in progress. Approaching the end. From now on its the details and some bug fixing. Real news will follow soon. Lets not hijack this thread with big project talks.

بواسطة santiontanon

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25-04-2020, 05:03

Very nice engine Bengalack!! I hope you succeed in being able to split the screen to share sprites! Screen splits are some times tricky Smile

Also, what do you have in mind for the full game? are the Mario gfx temporary or is this the game theme? Smile

بواسطة norakomi

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صورة norakomi

25-04-2020, 08:07

Cool project !

I enjoy seeing now coders sharing their enthousiasm here !
Spending 24 out of 32 sprites for border masking is indeed an issue.
Psycho world does the same (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-_Yi4oPDeA),
but since they have a fairly big scoreboard in the bottom they need less sprites for the border masking (18 in total).
Another option is to only use hardware border masking for the v9958, and just leave it as is for the v9938.
(spacemanbow is a good example of that, and it looks fine on v9938).

Otherwise indeed, a splitline at y=96 is a good idea. Then you need only 12 sprites for border masking.
All you have to do on the splitline is update the first 12 sprites in the spat. So you increase the y value of those 12 sprites by 96. That should work. (And don't forgot to undo this on Vblank).

بواسطة Bengalack

Champion (480)

صورة Bengalack

25-04-2020, 23:45

Thanks guys!

As for the sprite splits, I'm confident that this will work out fine. I have some tests up and running at the moment. I need to figure out what the best solution will be --one split (gain is ~24/2 sprites ) or two splits (gain is ~24/3 * 2). We'll see how it fits the rest of the main loop.

As for the Mario-theme; no, not planning to go all-in on Mario. It will be a new theme altogether. But the game mechanics will ... share "a lot of ideas", ha ha :-) Can't say much about it at this point.

Also: I'm going to make 9938 the main target for this. Reason is nostalgic. I used to have a 9938 in my SVI-738 :-)

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