I might actually finish this one

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بواسطة Grauw

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صورة Grauw

16-02-2021, 17:52


But the thing here, I should not pre-optimize, I should get things "prototyped" right first, before I do the opts.

Smart, smart Smile.

Bengalack wrote:

But I'm impatient Smile Smile

So recognisable! Smile

بواسطة Bengalack

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19-07-2021, 11:09

It's been a while folks, so I just wanted to show a blip on the heartbeat monitor Smile

The project is progressing well, and I have more confidence in the project than ever Smile I have not prepared anything to show at the moment, but I will do --in due time Smile

بواسطة valkyre

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19-07-2021, 20:05

Great! Looking forward to seeing it.

بواسطة gdx

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20-07-2021, 12:11

I like more the previous M__io graphics better. The idea of pushing the cubes to make a passage is very good! I hope you will put it in places that don't break the rhythm of the game and that you will have to really think to make certain passages.

بواسطة Bengalack

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26-07-2021, 19:59

Thanks! -But I'm hoping to avoid any attention from the Big N, and as I wasn't planning to go under the radar with this one, I have to make it a proper original IP Smile (But there will still be a lot of "inspiration" Smile from a few well known oldies)...

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