SofaRun 7.0 released

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بواسطة sd_snatcher

Prophet (3471)

صورة sd_snatcher

12-01-2021, 14:16

Vampier wrote:

joy_33 if you read the manual (sofarunit) it clearly states how to switch disk images and why they have to be concatenated.

The disks don't have to be concatenated. SofaRunIt supports "both concatenated and individual disk images".

I always use them as separate files, without any concatenation.

بواسطة Latok

msx guru (3836)

صورة Latok

12-01-2021, 14:50

sd_snatcher, it seems though you can only load 1 DSK-image at the time. At least, the syntax doesn't tell me how to load several images at once. So I would say, yes, you need to concat them...

بواسطة Sylvester

Hero (536)

صورة Sylvester

12-01-2021, 15:03

it seems if you use SofaRunIt from the console you can specify multiple disk files (which is not possible in sofarun). From the manual:

disk_image is a disk image(s) file
A disk_image can contain several
concatenated disk images

If preceded by '+',  will
be created on the fly on first access,
as formatted empty 720KB MSX-DOS disk
Only one '+'disk_image is allowed

Several disk_image can be specified,
they will be added in order

So you could do sri disk1.dsk disk2.dsk disk3.dsk

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