MSX lock up on outrun, also Caps lock flashing

بواسطة Cypher007

Supporter (4)

صورة Cypher007

24-10-2020, 17:09

Had a lock up on outrun which basically left it playing one note from music.

What I have noticed also is the caps lock key led flashing on and off, even when it’s not locked up. Is this normal on an Sony HB75?

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بواسطة hamlet

Scribe (3260)

صورة hamlet

25-10-2020, 09:38

Does only Outrun behave this way?

بواسطة mcolom

Master (154)

صورة mcolom

25-10-2020, 11:01

I remember seeing the caps lock led flashing in Outrun in the presentation screen, with openMSX.