Leonardo Padial Ortiz has sadly passed away

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بواسطة Juanmi

Master (146)

صورة Juanmi

18-12-2020, 20:18

Mi más sentido pésame. Mucho ánimo Jaime, para ti y el resto de familia. El nombre de Leonardo Padial siempre ha estado y seguirá por siempre unido al sistema MSX. Descanse en Paz.

بواسطة Bas040

Master (213)

صورة Bas040

18-12-2020, 20:21

My condolences, I wish you and your family lots of strength.

بواسطة ren

Paragon (1930)

صورة ren

18-12-2020, 20:37

I'm sorry for your loss, my condolences.

بواسطة Manuel

Ascended (19058)

صورة Manuel

18-12-2020, 21:54

That's extremely bad news, my condolences! Jaime, your father is a legend in our community, we will never forget him!

بواسطة Sander

Founder (1871)

صورة Sander

18-12-2020, 22:27

really sad news, I wish you strength in these bad times. Your father will be missed!

بواسطة ray2day

Paladin (703)

صورة ray2day

18-12-2020, 22:44

What an awful news. This is a big loss to the MSX community. His hardware projects are legendary! My condolences are going out to his family, his beloved ones and the MSX scene. We are going to miss this dedicated MSX user! Rest in peace Leonardo.

بواسطة Haze

Master (148)

صورة Haze

18-12-2020, 22:46

Leonardo will be missed. His stamp on the MSX community will never be forgotten! My condolences and wishing you, your family and loved ones much strength, Jaime.

بواسطة raulsantacruz

Hero (604)

صورة raulsantacruz

18-12-2020, 23:07

An irreplaceable person and a pioneer like no other on the MSX scene. My condolences to the family

بواسطة Philip

Champion (380)

صورة Philip

18-12-2020, 23:55

I'm sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your family.

بواسطة Dreamerm42

Hero (625)

صورة Dreamerm42

19-12-2020, 00:07

It is very sad news, devastating I think ...

Leonardo padial was one of the most important people in Spain and in the world on the design and creation of hardware for MSX, at a time when everything was a thousand times more complicated than now he was one of the first to develop ram memory cards, vdps , slot expander, SD card readers.

Mention that MMSX that I designed in the midst of the 90s. Now designing a pcb, sending it to produce and having it at home in a short time is something we assume, in the 90s all this was immensely complex. Many of the updates that msx has had these years have been born from its presence, it has inspired the work of others ...

I am not who but I think that someone should have a minimum tribute in any way, however simple it may be, as recognition and gratitude for their work ...

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