Mr. Ghost

بواسطة AnsiStar

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صورة AnsiStar

10-01-2021, 17:12

I saw an Longplay on Youtube. Wow!
Is that game as good as it looks (and sounds) ?

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بواسطة defdanny

Master (209)

صورة defdanny

10-01-2021, 17:43

Yes, it definitely is! And therefore also very expensive if you are looking for an original complete copy.
For a good overview especially on the games music I advise to listen to this episode of the podcast "Pixelated Audio":
For me one of the best PSG-only soundtracks.

There seems to be an english translation available:

بواسطة TheClash603

Rookie (31)

صورة TheClash603

10-01-2021, 20:41

The game is good, but based on the energy system and the hidden items in blocks, it's one you need to play a bit before it clicks. The first time I tried it, I was disappointed and thought it was overrated. I stuck with it a bit and my view turned more positive.

بواسطة Grauw

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صورة Grauw

10-01-2021, 22:59

I love Mr Ghost!

بواسطة ray2day

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صورة ray2day

11-01-2021, 10:45

بواسطة AnsiStar

Resident (47)

صورة AnsiStar

12-01-2021, 18:00

Hey, thank you all! Wink