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بواسطة AGCosta

Supporter (1)

صورة AGCosta

10-01-2021, 18:13

Hello. I created some phases of the eggerland game. They are in .RuMSX format. Is it in someone's interest to resolve them? How can I upload?

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بواسطة tfh

Prophet (2678)

صورة tfh

10-01-2021, 18:53

Can you send me a copy at M S X @ F I L E - H U N T E R . C O M so I can have a look? Thanks!

بواسطة Randam

Paragon (1139)

صورة Randam

10-01-2021, 19:22

There are levels for many games on: amongst them Eggerland levels.

I am very much interested in playing them/ and if you want I can put them on there so others can easily find/ play them.

بواسطة Manuel

Ascended (17466)

صورة Manuel

10-01-2021, 21:01

What is .RuMSX format??

بواسطة FiXato

Scribe (1694)

صورة FiXato

10-01-2021, 21:14

Manuel wrote:

What is .RuMSX format??

probably a RuMSX save state?