Some cheat codes for Bouken Roman

بواسطة Danjovic

Master (182)

صورة Danjovic

15-01-2021, 06:12

Disassembling Bouken Roman and looking for keyboard matrix readings I have found some cheat codes

On the loading screen press and hold STOP plus the following keys to:
1: start with 9 energy cells [ E ]
2: start with 9 blue/red pills (B/R)
3: start with 9 medkits [ + ]
5: start with flying hat
6: couldn't figure out what 6 what is for, but it set variable at 0xec4a with 1
7: start with shotgun (depleted, need energy cells)
(note 0 and 4 are not tested on the code)

Couldn't figure out as well what is the exact effect of pressing F1+F2+F3 at the same time. In the code it decreases the amount of energy cells and pills.

Last but not least, ESC pauses the game.

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بواسطة ~mk~

Champion (274)

صورة ~mk~

15-01-2021, 14:11

Nice find Danjovic!
I love this game.

بواسطة Danjovic

Master (182)

صورة Danjovic

15-01-2021, 16:18

Thanks! I love this game too!