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29-01-2021, 15:27


I'm Hubz of and I actually did romhacking side of the translation of M36 a Life Planet for the MSX :)

Anyhow, on the Gaming Alexandria Discord a group of us has started a fun project of going back through old magazines (Mainly Japanese ones so far) to type in and compile ROM/Cassette images of the various program listings and getting them out there for folks to easily play eventually. I was wondering if something like that might have already been done by the MSX community so we don't needlessly do work that's already been done?

Thanks for any information you can provide,

- Hubz

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بواسطة Wolverine_nl

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29-01-2021, 15:50

Welcome to the MRC forum! ;-)

You might want to check out
You can contact the owner of file-hunter, he can add those games probably. :)

بواسطة Hubz

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30-01-2021, 18:37

Thank you! I will do that.