Konami's PSG drum in SCC game

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01-02-2021, 16:14

Konami's SCC game has an amazing drum and snare so I'm trying to cover one in my trilotracker.But now I found that Konami's PSG Drum is a little strange.Whatever my emulation speed is 1% or 100% its timbre seems to be like the same(cover game:Salamander).But when I was trying to cover it in Trilotracker it did effected by emulation speed.So what's the trick of Konami's PSG drum?Is it a special mode for PSG Soundchip or just the emulator's issue?Moeover, is there any one has a original SCC Music cover?If soemone has , that's nice.

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بواسطة WIWO

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صورة WIWO

03-02-2021, 12:14

So no one knew?

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03-02-2021, 13:51

Assuming you are using openMSX;

OpenMSX currently has special handling for sound chips for speeds other than 100%. It keeps the sound chip clocked at real-time speed no matter the setting. It is not proper and I hope they will change it to a FFT-based resampling approach (this difference you encounter is a good example of why).

Either way, if it sounds different then it’s probably because Konami uses the sound chip’s envelope generator, while your TriloTracker sound does not.

Controlling the volume with the CPU is more flexible, but the envelope generator can in theory be a little more precise if you want an envelope controlled with more precision than 1/60th of a second. Normally for an envelope I don’t think you would typically need that since 60 Hz is in the audible range, but maybe if you need an extremely fast decay, almost like a click.