I ask help for handle routine assembler for PAINT from BASIC

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Paragon (1144)

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21-02-2021, 00:43

This is not the case, they are 2 different persons but friends.

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Champion (450)

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24-02-2021, 16:40

Sorry ...
You got some addresses wrong :

Amaury Carvalho wrote:

You can use the code below to access PAINT statement from BASIC interpreter itself.
BRDATR equ 0xFCB2 <- ???
ATRBYT equ 0xFCB2 <- ???

You are distracted writing addresses, these are correct :

FCB2 BRDATR  border color for paint 
F3F2 ATRBYT  Color code in csing graphic 

Two adress from the file "sysarea.txt"


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