[WTB] MSX2 Sony HB-F1 with red line

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بواسطة RomRom22

Supporter (7)

صورة RomRom22

28-02-2021, 15:14

First, i'm sorry for my english as i'm french.

I'm new to the MSX2 universe, but i would like one to play to my Metal Gear games (1&2), so i'm looking for a good MSX2
To make things less easy... i'm looking for a specific model: the HB-F1 with this red line, that appear in the MGS V game

thanks a lot in advance for your help!

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بواسطة MajorTOM

Expert (104)

صورة MajorTOM

02-03-2021, 10:23

Hi RomRom,

Didn´t know it appears in the MGS V game...
do you have a link to a video or picture where it is shown during the game ¿??



بواسطة benji_975

Rookie (17)

صورة benji_975

02-03-2021, 10:51

There's one on ebay, but is really expensive...


بواسطة Fresh

Master (134)

صورة Fresh

02-03-2021, 11:52

There is one on yahoo at the moment: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/b524745361

Still very affordable

بواسطة st1mpy

Paladin (735)

صورة st1mpy

02-03-2021, 14:29

How did he insert the cartridge back to front? Or are sonys made like that?

بواسطة st1mpy

Paladin (735)

صورة st1mpy

02-03-2021, 14:32

That ebay one above thats expensive, did you know the exact one is on sale cheaper on Mercari

بواسطة sdsnatcher73

Paragon (1719)

صورة sdsnatcher73

02-03-2021, 15:28

Still pricey though...

بواسطة msxtrd

Master (252)

صورة msxtrd

02-03-2021, 20:04

بواسطة st1mpy

Paladin (735)

صورة st1mpy

02-03-2021, 20:52

And is the bitcoder This one that was on ebay

بواسطة Meits

Scribe (6350)

صورة Meits

02-03-2021, 21:23

Here are links to the relevant bitmap rips :)

بواسطة Meits

Scribe (6350)

صورة Meits

03-03-2021, 00:50

sdsnatcher73 wrote:

Still pricey though...

This one comes complete in box and is wanted quite hard by Metal Gear fans. Just recently I saw a Philips NMS 8220s without all that with a comparable price tag.

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