Tiny Sprite editor with support for small animations

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02-05-2021, 13:40

Hi, well I get used to the "slot system" now.
In fact, I organize my sprites by certain themes, like "enemies_level1.txt", "Playersprites.txt" and so on.
These are the backup files, that I use with the "Export Sprites" and "Load Backup" function.
So, I like the possibility to add slots, its like an album or a collection of sprites.

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05-05-2021, 14:19

albs_br wrote:

Just made a fork of the amazing Tiny Sprite to help me making animations (for now limited to 4 frames):



Hope it helps someone. I didn't know a good and free sprite animations editor.

Good ... but couldn't Animation 32x32 do this? 16x16 Animation present!
Many games had very large sprites.

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