Question about HTIMI hook (FD9Fh)

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28-04-2021, 21:32

Making progress already Smile

And to really show indeed the disk controller already created a hook on HTIMI:
If you click in WebMSX on the small cog wheel at the right bottom (next to the scaling icons), you can see a floppy drive is set to present. Click on 'Floppy Drives' twice until both leds next to it are off and it will start the MSX without disk basic, and HTIMI will have the C9h value already at startup. Of course you can't load your program anymore from disk now Tongue

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Expert (101)

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29-04-2021, 08:42

@ToriHino: Thanks for mentioning this. This indeed proofs that, like Grauw already told, it's a hook that has a function for the diskdrive(s). So for now I don't have to worry about it as I am only using an emulator. But it's good to know that this is important on a real MSX with diskdrive(s).

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