openMSX 17.0 released

openMSX 17.0 released

بواسطة ro بتاريخ 24-05-2021, 19:50
المناقشة: Emulation

The openMSX is an MSX home computer system emulator for modern computers. Its goal is to emulate all aspects of the MSX with 100% accuracy, or perfection in emulation. The openMSX team just announced their latest major release which gets openMSX to version 17.0. Catapult got updated as well.

openMSX 17.0, dubbed "Quibus Birthday Release", is a major release with mostly bug fixes and smaller improvements. Most notable may be the usability improvements of the OSD menu. The list of improvements is extensive. Together with openMSX an updated version of the openMSX user-friendly gui "Catapult" was released. Just a few bug fixes this time, no new features.

The openMSX web-site has been updated to reflect this new version. Lots of documentation is present there, make sure you read this if you haven't used openMSX before, but also to learn more about the new and changed features.

relevant link: openMSX home page
relevant link: release notes of openMSX 17.0
relevant link: Project page on GitHub

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  • openMSX 17.0 released
  • openMSX 17.0 released

التعليقات (12)

بواسطة ToriHino

Paladin (721)

صورة ToriHino

24-05-2021, 21:48

Great work, thanks for the update!

بواسطة max_iwamoto

Hero (527)

صورة max_iwamoto

24-05-2021, 21:50

Congratulations! Time to upgrade to the new version.

بواسطة ren

Paragon (1860)

صورة ren

24-05-2021, 21:51

Happy (late) bday @Quibus! 🥳

بواسطة tfh

Prophet (2944)

صورة tfh

24-05-2021, 23:23

Congratulations on the new release Smile Looking forward to play with it.

بواسطة santiontanon

Paragon (1469)

صورة santiontanon

25-05-2021, 03:44

Wow, very impressive list of new features! Congrats, and thanks for all the hard work!

بواسطة ray2day

Hero (662)

صورة ray2day

25-05-2021, 16:38

Good work Open MSX team!

Is this the version with the "Did you know today's Quibus' birthday?"-message? Wink

بواسطة Bengalack

Champion (404)

صورة Bengalack

25-05-2021, 17:59

wohoo! Great stuff.

Looking forward to test this one:


- V99x8:
- fixed timing of VDP settings getting applied. This fixes the screensplit in
Psycho World, Hydefos, Space Manbow and the Woei demo, and probably more.
Many thanks to Grauw for figuring out the real problem.

as this is an area that has proven to be difficult to program "correctly" for Smile

بواسطة ren

Paragon (1860)

صورة ren

25-05-2021, 18:27

Yeah, great R&D ! Wink

بواسطة JACS

Master (196)

صورة JACS

26-05-2021, 20:18

Espero que se haya corregido el bugque ocurre tantas veces pero no sé localizarlo cuando en el debuguer quieres abrir:
"Add Debugable viewer"...y el debugger se cierra!!


بواسطة Samor

Prophet (2106)

صورة Samor

27-05-2021, 12:56

Nice! Hannibal

بواسطة Udderdude

Supporter (6)

صورة Udderdude

27-05-2021, 17:30

Nice update.

بواسطة DRomero

Expert (126)

صورة DRomero

30-05-2021, 17:03

Thanks¡ Time to update my favorite MSX emulator Smile